Keep Your Home Always Cleaning with Our Pet Stain and Odor Removal Service Santa Monica CAs

We offer reliable pet stain and odor removal service in Santa Monica CA. Our service is prompt and efficient so you will not have to be embarrassed in front of your guests.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal Santa Monica

Pet stain and odor removal is part and parcel of a pet owner’s life. A dog may be man’s best friend but which of us wants to smell our best friends on our couch pillows? The right answer is nobody. Thankfully, with our pet stain and odor removal service in Santa Monica, CA on the job you won’t have to buy cartons of air fresheners to spray your home every time you have a guest coming over. Receiving a guest won’t have to be a race-against-time cleaning marathon of ridding the couch and carpets of fur and paw prints. All you need is our number so that you can call us. After you do, it is only a matter of waiting for 45 minutes for us to show up and get to work, and your house will be brand new again without any evidence of a pet running around.

Why Do You Need a Pet Stain and Odor Removal Service?

We may love our pets but one thing that puts everyone off is the amount of effort required to keep a clean home with them running around getting their fur and incredibly distinct doggy dog smell on everything. To alleviate the stress and keep on loving your pets without interference and without the anger caused by the unending mess they make, you need to have the number of cleaning service on speed dial.

Not any cleaning service will do. To keep your pets safe and in their best interest, only the best pet stain and odor removal service will do and we at Santa Monica provide just such a service.

We work right out of Santa Monica and our pet stain and odor removal team consists of the most talented set of individuals who have been trained in the art of cleaning up after animals. We do everything from removing stains from upholstery, carpets, rugs; getting fur out of cushions, curtains and also getting pet stains off the floors. Cleaning upholstery is a delicate job because if it’s done too harshly, the upholstery could tear or fade or worse still, stain.

Our efficient service will help you get rid of the stains that other cleaning companies failed to eradicate. Once we finish the cleaning job we apply a coat of protectant which helps to protect your carpet, upholstery or tiles from future stains and keep the surface shiny new for a longer period. Our cleaning process also helps to remove the distinct pet odor and leave your home fresh smelling.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from all the above mentioned attributes we have a list of what makes us better than any other cleaning service.

  • We are available anytime of the day during the week, all you have to do is call.
  • We provide prompt cleaning service with a 45-minute response time.
  • No matter what the stain is, if it is a pet stain we will get it out and leave your furniture fresh and odorless.
  • Our quick drying methods help to make your home guests ready sooner than you expected.
  • Our staff is trained to be courteous and will answer all your queries politely.
  • After analyzing the situation, we will give you a free estimate. Our staff will begin the cleaning process only after receiving your nod.

Cleaning after your pet all day is impossible and you will only end up driving yourself crazy. So call us and we will do it for you.

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